What about us

CCJN - Construction Contractors Jobs Network

Clic Reno is affiliated with Construction Contractors Jobs Network, Jack Staff. Founded in 2000, our firm works with a large number of renovation and construction contractors in the residential, commercial, industrial, civil engineering and excavation sectors.

Customer satisfaction and employee fulfillment remain our priority! For more than 22 years, we have been working with the greatest asset of companies, the Human! Our strength lies in our listening, our understanding, our empathy and our desire to solidify our roots and develop the capacity to improve, with respect, transparency and integrity.

In addition to supporting individuals, we work closely with companies, both in terms of human resources and business development. Over the years, we have built a solid network of customers and partners. We strive for and demand nothing less than excellence in operations and customer service provided by contractors.

We believe it is important for you, as a client and consumer, to do business with trusted contractors, in complete transparency. Clic Reno's mission is to put you in touch with renovation contractors, VERIFIED , who will know how to put you at ease and who will carry out your work with QUALIY. Thanks to the power of the Internet and social networks that promote exchanges and the sharing of impressions, you also have the opportunity to appreciate customer testimonials yourself regarding their level of satisfaction.

Clic Reno is part of the Construction Contractors Job Network  For years, Jack Staff has worked with many construction contractors - residential, commercial, industrial, civil engineering and excavation - to help them recruit employees at all levels, trades, professionals and managers.