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Get quotes without fees or indirect commission to pay, unlike other platforms where contractors have no choice but to pass on the bill to customers, without customers noticing. Clic Reno ensures that you always get a quote at the right price!

Clic Reno helps you in all your renovation and new construction projects, whether for your house, a cottage, a multi-residential or a commercial building. Clic Reno puts you in touch with trusted contractors and professionals. When you complete a quote request, it is sent directly to the contractor you have chosen, without charge or obligation, so you always get the right price.

Clic Reno also helps you clearly define the different options and creative possibilities of your projects by allowing you to explore photos of a wide variety of projects carried out by contractors and professionals: kitchens, bathrooms, floors, stairs, extensions, insulation, ventilation, new constructions, etc.

In addition, Clic Reno presents a multitude of promotions offered by partners, professionals and contractors, such as for the replacement or addition of a ventilation, heating and air conditioning system, hardwood, floating and ceramic floors, doors and windows, and more.

Clic Reno remains attentive to the comments and testimonials of customers who do business with the recommended contractors. It is important to us that a contractor can provide quality customer service and customer satisfaction. A contractor recommended by Clic Reno remains a privilege, and it is not an acquired right for the contractor. The quality of work, customer service and after-sales service must remain a priority for the contractor.

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